Client Care


Rating Preventive Of Matter And Detailed Quote

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  • Our firm provides legal services designed based on the specific needs of customers, so the first step is necessarily that of a pre-examination of the question to evaluate its usefulness for the customer, the costs, and draw on the basis of these assumptions, a quote detailed.


Report continuous and specific about activity performed

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  • The firm is committed to providing its customers later for a clear and continuous work, quick responses and periodic reports on the progress of the event by e-mail and telephone. To satisfy customers throughout the national territory Studio provides opinions and advice of high profile both verbal and written.


Choice of the best specialists in each case

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  • The firm is committed to providing customers with the best solutions and strategies procedural and choose carefully among its specialists Real Estate Law those most appropriate for each individual case, in order to ensure excellent service at all times.


Cost Control and forms of payment in installments

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  • Aware of the importance of spending control and because of greater transparency for the customer, The firm provides prior indication of costs and fees charged for advice as well as for the conduct of the individual phases of each operation variable depending on the complexity or the value of the issue addressed always reconciled with Forensic rates.
    For defense activities of the borrowers in foreclosed real estate executions, aware of the economic difficulties that have affected this category of customers, the firm has provided a unique and advantageous form of deferral of fees, in order to enable them to be able to easily support costs of an adequate legal defense.