• We are probably the only Italian study only specialized in real estate sector

    • The Estate Tax, Consulting and Contracts

      Let us advice on how to get the most from the exploitation of their property through taxation, we provide for the preparation of typical and atypical contracts to ensure our customers the greatest tax savings, combined with the best and most appropriate guarantees of performance.

    • Litigation Real Estate

      Evictions, squatting, possessory actions and protective measures, problems concerning the release of properties in special cases such as contracts not recorded, the entire real estate litigation, through our offices and through the extensive network of our employees and domiciliary, allows us to operate effectively in all the Italian Courts

    • The Real Estate Executions

      For years the part of the creditor banks, we decided to defend the weak subject of enforcement, the debtor pignorato, that through our expertise can, not only to get the full respect of the procedure on your own, but above all to remain in their property for many years during which we can often reach agreements and transactions extremely advantageous.

    • Investment Real Estate

      Investing in real estate market in a time when it is so low is certainly an excellent profit opportunities. The firm offers its assistance and advice, highly qualified, to enable its customers to maximize their own gain while minimizing risks both in the auction, that the normal real estate market.